Wo Zai Xianjie Zheng Jifen

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Type: ONA

Plot Summary:

When he opened his eyes, he was actually in a different world, bound by a silly system, telling him that dominating the world was no longer a dream! And such good things? Qin Huai gave in and became a 007 wage earner in another world, earning points day and night, and of course the result was really fragrant! Divine soldiers, treasures, peerless exercises, and gentle and lovely little junior sisters, all came to their arms! What is the daily life of Zongmen? Of course, it's a salted fish on the surface, and a volume king behind the scenes. The upgrade speed catches up with everyone, and one accident can save the whole sect! Who would have thought that the elders of the sects had secretly assassinated, the Demon Sect attacked the mountains, and the four sects of the Immortal Alliance fell apart. Let's see how the young man grasps the system and dominates the other world!

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Released: 2022

Status: Ongoing

Other name: Leveling up in a Fantasy World , 我在仙界挣积分

Wo Zai Xianjie Zheng Jifen

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